There can be several reasons to why your documents are not releasing as intended on DIS printers. Check the troubleshooting list below!

1. Insufficient funds.

If your account has insufficient funds to pay for your released document, the document will not released unless your account is topped up! Stop by the IT Service Desk in Vestergade 5 to top up your account.

2. Unsupported paper size

Due to differences in standard paper sizes between the US and Denmark, you may experience that your document is stuck in the printing queue due to unsupported paper size formats. The printers and copiers at DIS do NOT support the paper size 'Letter'. The only supported paper size formats at DIS is A4 and A3 - A4 is the equivalent to the 'Letter' size.

Check the print queue on the printer (sign in at the printer and open the queue - on some printers, use the i -button) and select your job to re-select paper.

3. Printer is out of toner

Occasionally the printers and copiers will run out of its different toner. The IT Service Desk is usually automatically notified of this by the printing system, but feel free to reach out to, or phone 33 76 54 00 for an urgent replacement.